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Our Clients

Meet Those I’ve Represented

"Jennifer was so professional and she helped me twice, I loved her service, and definitely will use her again." - Hasan


"When we were served with an unreasonable small claim against us, we were angry, frustrated and worried. Thank goodness we had Jen representing us. Jen is very professional, meticulous, smart and logical but most importantly she is very patient and explained every step to us. She prepared the court case with detailed documentation and presented the case in court perfectly. She is soft spoken and extremely polite but her cross-examination skill is awesome. As a result, we won our case with 100% of what we have claimed!" - Colin

Client 2

Greenway Paralegal Professional Corporation Client

A Big Win for Our Client

"I met Jennifer about two years ago about a case that I was not even going to delve into. She gave me the time and we met to discuss details. Hoping this case would settle, Jennifer organized all the details of the event, made some incredible packages of the entire case just in case it would go to trial. Hoping it did not go to trial we did. Then Jennifers amazing ability to delve into Case Law and support my claim was amazing. We were up against a top ranked lawyer in the Hamilton area. Well, let's just say Jennifer's professionalism and thoroughness was a step above. We were victorious because she did her homework and was thorough. Greenway Paralegal is an excellent choice if you have an issue that requires Legal Assistance. I would Highly recommend her to anyone and I am so grateful she was representing me on the day of my trial. Thank you for being sincere to .my needs and being so professionally organized during the Trial. Together, we made a difference to stop fraud!" - CMP

Client 7

Greenway Paralegal Professional Corporation Client

One of Our Most Successful Cases

"Greenway paralegal was 100 %there for our family in a time of need. Have been home owners since early 20 'so. Unfortunately health and circumstances lead us to the rental life. When you rent and are constantly end up being taken advantage of Jennifer knows the law. Not only does she represent truth and know the law (she cares ) Best investment our family has made since we lost our home." - William

Client 1

Greenway Paralegal Professional Corporation Client

A Textbook Case

"Greenway Paralegal services greatly exceeded my expectations. Jen is a highly organized and detail oriented individual, who did her homework, she made me feel confident and at ease right from the onset. I am very happy with her service, highly recommend."


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